Unposhed and somewhat slightly fazed

I combined The Secret Store’s handkerchief skirt with Gos’s Curvaceous boots in brown and found myself in the express elevator to penthouse posh. Getting back to street level required Beetlebones’ sensible loafers, a free paper-airplane-printed tee, and a thermal leopard sweater from Pididdle. And the bread? Well the bread is because I crave baguette 24/7. And I’m hoping a reader can tell me why. I tossed on the chocolate glasses from last year’s Cupid Heart Hunt to remind you that this year’s hunt starts on the 5th. Is it too soon to tell you that I have no use for couples poses and wish all the sweethearts would go to Inworldz?

BP*’s fab winter sim is no more. But if you visit BP*’s temporary location, you will find a free straw kago bag (in red and black). I stopped in for this blouse, which I have admired longtime, when I needed something to match izm’s Lucky Board pants. A word about these pants: they did not fit out of the box, and the prims on the calves, which may be designed for the ankles, don’t look right stretched out, so I fake fit them for the photo. A perfect quick fix would be to lengthen the glitch pants, which I was unable to do on my copy. The belt with bag is separable from the leg prims, and it will make a lovely addition to many outfits.

I found this Exile hair at Enky’s, where it cost a whole Linden for a fatpack. It looks different from every angle, so it’s a photographer’s dream.

Credits to creators
Look one
skirt: The Secret Store, Chiffon Silk Kerchief (former TDR item)
sweater: Pididdle, De L’hiver Sweater Gold Leopard (ty Brutus Martinek!)
top: rbcg, part of geoplanes full outfit (freebie in store)
hair: Exile, Kyanna Earth
skin: Mother Goose’s, Milla LB (LB)
stockings: K*S, 118Socks
shoes: Beetlebones, Wornout Boy Style Loafers for girls
shades: SPICA, Chocolate Sunglasses (old hunt gift)
bag: KUE, Paperbag with baguettes
pose: my AO

Look two
pants: izm, osare pants (LB)
top: BP*, Leaflace Smock Black
shoes: TokiD, le piggy ballerina (NEW gg in store)
hair: Exile, Kyanna Greystone (1L for the fatpack at Enky’s)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Milla LB (LB)
liner tat: Glow Studio, Pin Up eyeliner
tat: HUZ, Oriental Henna
bangles: Eclectica, Jazz Chinoiserie Bangles (part of set)
pose: Izumiya, freebie


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