Leaders in latex

While prepping for these photos, I realized that latex doesn’t have to turn a woman into a sexy thing, or a thing period. Latex can be the stuff of space uniforms worn by respected space commanders in space. (I shot at AeonFlux, and the Star Wars motifs made me feel like I was relaxing at home. If that’s not weird I don’t know what is.)

At 100L, the Vocal outfit by Tarnished is one of the best value items at the Extend a Helping Hand fundraiser. If you don’t like the red, you can buy the outfit with a different highlight colour. My favourite part of Vocal is the cool neon necklace thingummy you see in this pic. Which probably represents some horrific mutation or awful sexist enslavement in a movie that everyone has seen except me. In which case, my bad.

What’s sauce for the good general is sauce for her nemesis. Baddie leaders get to wear latex, too, and they can expose more sensitive bits of the bewbs because their uniform codes aren’t all uptight. If your avi is evil and looking for latex, DV8 is a great source: their recent outfits are usually made available in Lucky Chairs in a variety of colours or as picks or group gifts (no join fee!). I lurve this ultraviolet Blacklight colour. There are also plenty of hot shoes and boots in the LCs.

Credits to creators
Look good
outfit: Tarnished, Vocal Red (EaHH item till February 8th)
hair: booN, MKT012 hair blueblack (worn with booN hairbase)
skin: Rockberry, Kalista POE3 tan (old hunt gift)
tat: Para Designs, Desire Color Light
boots: Addict, Sora Boots White (old Seasons hunt item)
earrings: Anais Gaea [creator], black diamond earring (nla)
poses: .tea, fairytale pack; Izumiya, freebie

Look bad
corset: DV8, Bellringer Corset Black/Blacklight
pants, bra and gloves: DV8, Evilynne Blacklight
skin: AMD, Ava Gothly Lustrous Glaze (ty Apple May!)
makeup: Pididdle, Fullface Incognito Set NoTeeth (current TDR item; ty Brutus M.!
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica Shape (old hunt gift)
hair: rQ, Hush Onyx
boots: Bax, Ankle Boots Black Patent
collar: sissi, collar me up
pose: agp, free poses (old gg)

location: AeonFlux (ty R2 for the drinks)

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