Black on black

I was young when I started wearing black, and it wasn’t something I planned. My mother was donating unwanted clothes to Goodwill. In her pile, she’d included a low-cut black ballet leotard and a beautiful black pullover in fine wool that fit close to the body. It had a round neck and slightly flared three-quarter-length sleeves. I asked for both and my mother hesitated, telling me that 13-year-old girls should not wear black. I didn’t ask her why not, despite the fact that I had only a vague idea of what she meant. (Sex. Sex is always what mothers mean when they say no to clothing.) Lucky for me, my mother hates to give things away just because she doesn’t wear them, so she gave in easily. Within a few years she was suffering through my black-goth looks, which she was certain were scandalizing the neighbours. Eventually, she realized that urban women had adopted black for day without becoming sluts. That’s when I had to teach her how to wear black. Nowadays, we often show up in similar all-black outfits, and she occasionally tells me that she misses the goth looks and wishes I hadn’t become so conservative clothingwise. Love you, Mom!

Credits to creators
coat: SMS, Black Fur Coat (in addition to the mustard one seen here, there are black, brown, and grey belts)
blouse: Zaara, Nilaya Jacket Charcoal
skin: CandyDoll, Ramona Pale CL
eyeliner: LpD, Black Strong Kajal (gift in store)
eyes: amperlope, platinum slur eyes (part of Makeover in a Box, blogged here)
hat: Saikin, Knit Fur Cap Kasuga Black (also white and brown hats; gg in store)
purse: House of Fox, Richie Bag Coco with Feathers (latest 50L Fri item)
pants: Blue Blood, part of Delia outfit
necklace: aluinn, Cascade Pearls Black (old gift)
pose: Izumiya, freebie

location: booN/Saikin sim


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