Ladies, get lazy!

Real life is painful these days, and now SL is no escape from disappointment. This morning I woke far too early and spent ages shooting an outfit for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, only to end up hating everything. It feels as though the black post has to be the best post, because I love black, but black on black can look so flat in a photo. Not to be totally trounced, I hustled over to the studio so I could shoot and show you amperlope’s Lazy Sunday deal, the Makeover in a Box. It includes the pretty Peggy Sue You’re not Alone shape, the pale grey eyes (in two sizes and a prim version), and two pairs of lashes custom-fit for the shape. One pair is pretty and the other is quirky as can be. Guess which pair I chose?

Credits to creators
shape, eyes, lashes: amperlope, Makeover in a Box (Lazy Sunday 75L special; ty ampersand artful!)
skin: Mons, Jita Skin Exclusive for TDRBlue
coat: SMS, Fur Coat Black
tunic and tights: Modd.G, Maggie as She Goes (not available)
cowl: couverture, Neck Warmer Gray (Cupid Heart Hunt gift; also a gg version in green)
sweater: Tiny Bird, Breathe Sweater Silver (Seasons Hunt gift, not available)
earrings: Dark Mouse, part of Vintage Nouveau set
pose: .tea, from the fairy-tale pack


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