Maybe Monday

Today’s question: How do I know it’s Monday when I do most of my work at home? Delicious new bodysuits from Baiastice. A splurge, but who could resist a colour combo like this?

You know it’s Monday when your dairy-bar roleplay is rudely interrupted by a bike courier. Who needs your signature. (/me shivers) I’m so happy to see JoJo Runo guesting at TDR. This slinky bodysuit is finished with a sculptural prim for the stomach, but Portia ruined hers with chocolate sauce.

You know it’s Monday when you’ve done half a morning’s work without getting around to putting on your skirt. Happens infrequently in the winter, so this must be spring. Saw the ad for the blazer, logged in, searched Emery, searched Emery some more, bought it. I love a creator who makes me want pieces that aren’t “safe.”

Credits to creators
Look one
bodysuit: Baiastice, S Kim Body Transparent Rose/Bronze
blazer: Emery – Blazer Oui [Berry] (NEW)
skin: Vive9, Abbey Gloss Lipstick 04 Base 01 sundew
kohl: LpD, Brown Strong Kajal (gift in store)
hair: lamb, egomaniacal honeycomb (latest 50L Fri item)
shoes: SLink, Cassandra Heels Mushroom [HUD o’ genius]

Look two
bodysuit: RunoRuno, Loose Body (TDR item)
hair: Junwave, Rebecca Type C Gift (newest gift)
skin: Vive9, Abbey Gloss Lipstick 04 Base 01 Sundew
bracelets: Dark Mouse, part of Vintage Nouveau set
ice cream: A&M, Oooops! Ice Cream Vanilla (former SNF item)

poses: I S2 Posey, from the Pro Posers Hunt gift
location: alirium


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