Kiss me, I’m dirty

The dingy colours of Portia’s outfit are inspired by week-old snow, which looks like hell in a number of dark-grey ways. Oh sure, there are still patches of pristine crystals densely packed in impressive two-foot mounds. But they’re like virgins at an orgy, and pretty soon they too will drift into the gutter, where they will be sullied. (You know all my pix get bigger if you touch them, yes?)

Portia could do with some (more) sullying right about now.

Giving readers a closeup of the new VIP group gift from LEO-NT is probably the closest I will ever come to community service. You’re very welcome.

Credits to creators
pants: RunoRuno, Crochet Work (NEW)
tunic: oyakin, linen tunic (Cupid Heart Hunt gift)
fur: nikukyu, fur jacket grey
skin: Tuli, Clare fair li TDR Newyear 2011 LE (former TDR item)
makeup tat: Tuli, Runny 2 (VIP gg Jan 2011)
tat [on clothing layers]: nestle my bosom, kiss me tattoo (latest subo gift)
hair: Mach, Opening Group Gift Night Rider (gg in store)
bag: Leo-NT, Lonely Bird Bag Valentins<3 V.I.P.GIFT (60L join fee)
stockings: *W*, stocking dot seethrow (part of free As Pink dress) (ty Teshan Wycliffe for blogging these)
boots: Paper Couture, Typhoon Boots Gray (store temporarily closed)
gloves: Rotten Toe, old doll bandage gloves (old ZPH gift)
poses: marukin

location: Roche


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