Cupid HuH?

The barbee sim is full of people trying to find the Cupid Heart Hunt gift, which is infamously difficult to uncover. I decided to not join in so I could enjoy being a tourist at barbee. (This doesn’t mean I don’t want the gift. Please feel free to give me a little pleisure by revealing the location.) Portia wears my favourite item from the hunt, tomoto’s CHH2011 kimono, which has a valentine’s cookie at the neck. A chocolate hat is also available at tomoto’s store for group members. There’s no join fee.

Portia’s hair is from the LB at SYDS, but it’s the one that changes prize with each new letter so it may be hard to snag. The Geisha skin is from Sweetaholic. The rice powder covers the neck and chest, but not the breasts, so it would be perfect for a low-cut costume that shows off the demarcation line between powder and naked breast. The gorgeous pink eye-makeup is part of the latest subo gift from Miamai.

Thanks to Tara Parnall for helping me out with one of the CHH items!

Credits to Creators
kimono: tomoto, CHH2011 (CHH gift)
hair: SYDS, Elle Cherry (LB)
skin: Sweetaholic, Geisha Skin (dollarbie)
eyeshadow: Miamai, Shadow 03 (new subo gift)
eyes: Cupcakes, Eyes 2011 Blue/Gold
poses: ZHAO KImono AO (I do not recall its origin, but it was free)
location: barbee


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