Seeing red

“You’re wearing crotchless panties. Red crotchless panties,” said the avatar. Portia wasn’t. Portia wouldn’t. Ever. Wear red crotchless panties. The cardinal rule of RP forbids telling one’s partner what she or he is wearing, or doing, or feeling. I’m the only one who can say, via Portia, what Portia is wearing. Diplomatically, Portia changed the subject, but her potential partner circled back to the tacky garment he’d imagined. Generously, Portia explained to him that she prefers to wear crotchfull panties because she loves the pressure of a pair stretched taut by an impatient partner. Of course, Portia was more explicit. Words were more four-lettered. None of them registered. And the RP died. The moral of the story: a woman’s fashion sense is as much a temple as her body. Woe to those who violate it without asking first.

The poses for this episode of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge are part of chanimations’ Valentine’s gift for subscribers. Also included in the pack is a playing-card backdrop so that your av can pose as the Queen of Hearts. I screwed up my playing-card pix, but that doesn’t mean you will.

Credits to creators
Swansong, Pop Mini Dress Scarlet (also includes big red bow for left shoulder)
My UglyDorothy, Bian L06
amato, eyes mist 01
i love 13, Addicted tattoo 2 (old gg in store)
Love Soul, Hair 069 Black
LeLutka, Pow Pumps Tan
Ohmai, Oriental Leggings (Red Packet Hunt gift 2010)
Pacadi, Eyti Bangles
chanimations, Queen of Hearts Valentine’s Gift 2011 (subo gift)


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