I can’t quite figure out why the combination of baby-boy blue and baby-girl pink is so obnoxious, but I like the way it hurts. Portia’s stunning vest is by Malt. This one is 50L. The other colours are 300L. I can hear your brain doing the same calculations mine did.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for olde-time prints, but I think this R.icielli sweater, 10L as a prize in the current Deluxe hunt, reeks of win. Darcy wears the Merricat full-body tattoo by Silent Sparrow, which comes with tattoo layers to cover various, or all, parts of the body, as well as more limited undershirt, undies, and gloves options for those of us who can only have one tat layer. Someone has to be underprivileged, and in SL fashion circles that someone is the one-tat.

Clawtooth takes the prize in the hotly contested Action Hair category. This little beauty can only be found at Lula, where an alleged orgy crashed the sim without disturbing the tables laden with newness from all the usual suspects. Don’t worry, I saw no used condoms.

Credits to creators
Look one
Mother Goose’s, Alicia freckle LB (LB) (NEW)
Kyoot, Cateye 1 (Seasons Hunt gift, not available)
Clawtooth, Easy Breezy Soil (NEW)
Malt, Frilled Vest Turquoise Water (this one’s only 50L)
MichaMi, Ebba jeans in Indigo (dollarbie at enky’s)
Dutch Touch, Hipster Pink (old gg)
Dutch Touch, Top Pink (old gg)
Silent Sparrow, Rose Merricat Tats (comes with Blood colour in same pack)

Look two
Mother Goose’s, Alicia freckle LB (LB) (NEW)
Les petits Details (aka LpD), Group Gift Eyehsadow Peacock (gg in store)
croire, murky eyes old eggplant (NEW; ty Emily!)
Clawtooth, Easy Breezy Uptown Brown (NEW)
DeLyn, Darcy Shape
R.icielli, Alexia Moleton Autumn (prize #7 in 2nd Deluxe Hunt, 10L)
DCNY, High Tide Valentine Edition Pant (Valentine gg)
Ah Flou, Curse You flats (released when the store was beeman)
silent sparrow, Blood Merricat Tats (comes with Rose colour in same pack)

poses: Glitterati, Long Hair pack
location: hate me and eat me


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