Dogpile yourself with style

This week I learned the term “dogpile.” A dogpile is the slew of negative comments that a born-again Christian would receive if he posted an argument for the existence of God at a site called I suggest we extend the use of the term dogpile to identify the kind of outfit I put on my av when I’m in a bad mood. A dogpile in this sense would be an outfit that lays on a shi!load of closely related colours with little regard to the av’s comfort and no concern for any role she might play beyond that of abused coathanger.

Portia writes: “Do your worst. It’s not like I was planning on adopting any children or finding a new master.”

Credits to creators
skin: My UglyDorothy, Valentine (gg may still be in notices)
hair: Vive9, Freja in S&M (from the 200L members-only five-colour pack; join fee)
shorts: The Sea Hole, Matterhorn Shorts Brownie (60L this weekend)
dress: Fishy Strawberry, Lucille Oh’doll Dress Brick [<3 the nips]
hair accessory: SYDS, From Your Valentine (freebie)
shoes: Ah Flou, hart hart Red Love (5L) [<3 the hearts and the valentine card trailing the shoe]
glasses: Donna Flora, JackieO glasses cream (Euphoria hunt gift)
legwarmers: Loulou&Co, Legwarmer Snowbunny Pink (old hunt gift)
necklaces: Bliensen + Maitai, Sakura Cherry Blossom Double and Sakura Cherry Blossom Single (Oh My Stars opening gift; I saw a 10L version of the single strand necklace at the Car Wash cart sale)
tat: silentsparrow, Merricat Tat Rose
tights: Concrete Flowers, Simple Leggings Wine
bangles: Mandala, Summer Pink Bangle (old freebie)
poses: xbordeaux, free from hmaem

What do you think?

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