I’ll never teal

I wrote a concise critique of the role of teal in SL fashion, but I’m withholding it. (Now I owe myself a kill fee. Sigh.) As this week’s drama over at The Rumor has shown, criticism, constructive or otherwise, is not tolerated in this blogosphere. Given that most capitalist enterprises can make a buck out of everything from costume malfunctions to oil-rig explosions, this suggests that SL is handicapped by the assumption that we are a friendly community, not a bunch of competing businesses. Is it possible that people would be less upset on all sides if we just agreed that when money is changing hands, and blogger packs are being awarded, nobody’s motives are pure?

I’ll answer my own question: no, it’s not possible for us to chill out, because this is a weird kind of capitalism, at once less tangible and more intimate than the RL forms. We may be involved in something extraordinary here, or we may just be model victims of the machine, wandering around wondering why pleasure costs us dearly. Shouldn’t we talk about this all the time instead of waiting for periodic crises? Because as things stand, I’m afraid of all of you. For realz.

Credits to creators
outfit: Blue Blood, Sublime Teal (retired, I think)
feather accessories: NuDoLu, part of Robe de l’hiver (old freebie)
skin: Rotten Toe, Valentine’s skin 1 (NEW gg; 15L join fee) [the fabbest by far]
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica (old ZPH gift)
hair: booN, MKT012 hair blueblack (worn with booN hairbase)
boots: Dilly Dolls, Sonata Boots Teal
spikes: Glam Affair, part of Spiker Pants Blue
tat: silentsparrow, Merricat tattoo Rose
poses: hmaem, from the Escape Myself pack
location: FallnAngel Creations


3 thoughts on “I’ll never teal

  1. Oh, now I gotta go check out The Rumor… How did I miss this? And you’re withholding a critique of the role of teal in SL? Tease.

    Seriously, though, thanks for the for realz post. People *should* do that more often.

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