Out of the cellar

Don’t let the 1970s theme of the inaugural collection at The Cellar turn you off. The new Euphoria venture offers plenty of goodies that Rhoda Morgenstern never imagined—like this cute 50L sweater by DaMa. The grid was aglow this morning when AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur sent a gift of an owl necklace to her group. We all TPed to the new store to make sure that Happy Finds is indeed back on the map. UPDATE: store has disappeared again

Also available at The Cellar is this pretty pale Sophie skin by Mother Goose’s. For 150L you get this freckled version, a plain version, and a version with blush. I love Sophie’s smudged eyeliner. It makes you wonder what she’s been up to. I don’t do a lot of blonde hairdos so I didn’t run out to get the new Junwave group gift. But I’m glad that my need for bloggables got the better of me, because I love the multi-layered cut, and the sweet golden blonde colour is perked up with stareworthy hints of pale orange.

Credits to creators
skin: Mother Goose’s, Sophie Moss Rose (freckles) (Euphoria The Cellar item)
shape: Portia’s own
eyes: Cupcakes, Eyes 2011 Light Brown
hair: Junwave, Setsuna (NEW gg)
owl necklace: Happy Finds, Dark Owl Necklace (NEW gg; join fee) wb Happy Finds!
sweater: DaMa, Black Shirt (Euphoria The Cellar item)
bracelets and necklace: Mashooka, parts of Isha (old gift)
poses: Izumiya, freebies
location: SleeplessMUSIC sim

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