Beat the Lucky Board

When I was a child, my father taught me how to make the bus arrive. One day, after we’d waited for ages, my father suddenly announced “I’ll light a cigarette, that always brings the bus.” And lo and behold, the bus did arrive mere moments after he started to smoke, forcing him to put out the cig if he wanted to ride it. In RL, I have never been able to get that trick to work, perhaps because there’s nothing I’d do at a bus-stop that I couldn’t do on the bus. (Yes I’m boring, but that’s because I was raised Canadian.) The other day I used this technique successfully to win this LB skin from My UglyDorothy. I know from past experience that these boards like the letters U, V, W, X, and Y. So I decided that instead of waiting, I would make an alt account with a name that starts with Y. I went through the process of making the account, logged in, freaked out at being a newb again, and TPed to My UglyD, where I found, you guessed it, a P board! The moral of the story is that you only get what you really want when you act as though you want something else. A cigarette instead of a bus. A skin for my alt instead of for Portia. Another evening blogging fashion instead of a hot boyfriend. (Okay, that last one is not working.)

There’s a sale at Djinn & Tonic. The dresses from the Potter’s Field event are 100L each, and I chose this one because I felt like being slinky. If you call yourself evil but don’t own one of the D&T Oz dresses, you should hang your head in chiclessness.

Credits to creators
gown: Djinn & Tonic, Potter’s Field The Hired Gun (sale, 100L)
gloves: B@R, Black Bridal Harness Gloves
skin: My UglyDorothy, Eva LB01 (NEW LB; group only, no join fee; limo since search is wrong)
eye makeup: Cheap Makeup, Jazz Age (damn I love it when you’re Cheap)
eyes: Cupcakes, Eyes 2011 blue/gold
shape: DeLyn, Darcy
hair: Love Soul, Hair 074 Black (NEW)
nom: Fiction&Chaos, Consume (old hunt gift)
stockings: DV8, Bellringer Corset Stockings
shoes: NardcotiX, Kurvy T Strap Mary Jane Black
poses: Still Life, from the Dreamy and Elegant pack and from the They’re Coming Around pack
location: Chain and Vine


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