Ride the bus

You may not want to trust public transportation when it comes to picking up today’s items from DV8 and Blue Blood. But the bus can be the better way when pilgrimage ain’t what it used to be.

When the peasants aren’t revolting.

Credits to creators
Para Designs, Beautiful Bouquet tattoo
Bliss Couture, Afro with Bow (old gift)
source unknown (creator Pixel Tyran), Horror Swan Eyes (freebie)
Pic one
DV8, Eternal Love Boots Pewter (current Lucky Chair) (<3 these)
DV8, Hard Candy Pewter outfit (picks reward 02.24.11)
Glam Affair, Eva Dark (Valentine gg)
Beeman, Bats tat (old gift tat; store is now called Ah Flou)
HoD, Spite Necklace Silver Set
Dark Mouse, earrings from Vintage Nouveau set
Emme, Model Pose 03
Pic two
Blue Blood, Duchess Black (Riot Vend since 02.23.11)
Mons, Tina Skin Series Exclusive Makeup for TDRBlue (current TDR Blue)
La Malvada Mujer, Le Vernis 1 (just lips)
Meghindo's, jewels are part of Vintage Pink Satin Rosette (gg, join fee; I think a different colour is available through Vain Inc. group)
R.icielli, from Model Poses (old—1st Deluxe Hunt item)

location: Chain and Vine


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