Yah know, I never wanted to say “Don’t front” until I heard Betty Suarez say it to her nerdy Korean coworker. I’ve also never tried to front—unless you count playing a woman in SL—and wouldn’t know how to front in RL, although I do slide ever so smoothly into Jon Stewart mode when my students are resisting post-colonialist thought. When I won the Legend outfit from SZD’s MM, I knew I was going to have to erm bring my A game, go all in, pump up the jam, or just plain hollah! Wondering what the heck these big pants are called and who the heck wears them, I turned to the Urban Dictionary but got distracted by “chav,” the definitions for which are carefully crafted and charming, so I still don’t know what Portia is pretending to be. But I have a feeling she closely resembles Seth Green’s character in Can’t Hardly Wait.

I betcha she doesn’t pay attention in school and thus has no idea that her “Eat Me” goggles are citing Alice in Wonderland. (Yes, I’m still pulling for the PG readership.)

This look is my version of hipster chic, which I can’t pull off in real life because my legs are not actually made of three toothpicks glued together and my cheekbones choose to recline, drape themselves in fat, and read The Economist. (An Economist reader hurt me real bad, so that’s my personal symbol of treachery. And of course I’m a woman irl! No man could envision his cheekbones reading The Economist. Not when his dick is handy. To do the imagined reading, I mean.) The Jane suit, with its cheekily abbreviated sleeves, has that faux geeky vibe that matters so much in a look like this.

My secret ingredient here is Sterre, a shape free for Dutch Touch’s VIP group members. The new Sterre skin is also available to group members only for 550L a pack. It amazes me that Iki Ikarus’s skins work on glamour girls’ faces and on Sterre’s, which is wonderfully cartoonish.

Credits to creators
Look one
baggies and straps: SZD, Legend outfit
vest: Happy Finds, Black Leather Jacket (look upstairs)
collar: LEO-NT, Special Buffalo Choker (DKH gift)
goggles: Ali Couture, Goggles (MDV hunt gift)
gloves: CheerNo, 2Fingers Leather Gloves Red, part of TDR Xmas time female outfit (old TDR)
cuffs: Dilly Dolls, part of Emilie outfit
skin: Plastik, Lionheart Pale Cleav Serial Killer (old SKH gift)
shape: Portia’s own with extra hips and butt
eyes: Cupcakes, Eyes 2011 Dark Hazel
lashes: kik, lash for Ovis Aries hairdo
hair: Magika, Moon Brown Chocolate (old gift)
tat: La Malvada Mujer, Cubico tat (dollarbie)
boots: Bukka, Leather Boots Red (old LB)
piercing: Plastic Flowers, ZP Lip Piercings (old ZPH gift)
poses: Izumiya, from Group Gift Poses (old freebie), and Still Life, They’re Coming Around pack (last Lazy Sunday)

Look two
suit: Jane, Essence Full Suit Raven
skirt: Jane, A Little Lace Skirt Blush (gift pack of skirts)
bodysuit: Emery, Body Lycra Jeane (TDR Blue item)
brooch: croire, DIY stitched brooch candy (gacha; ty Emily!)
ties: fore, bowtie (bk+loop) m (resizeable) (old CHH gift)
shape: Dutch Touch, Sterre (free to VIP group members; join fee)
skin: Sunny Soon Su Skin, Tone01 Makeup09 (not on the LB anymore and couldn’t find it in the store)
glasses: December, Glasses No 52
hair: Kin, Cricket Black
bag: YS&YS, Espalmador Bag Blood
shoes: FIR & MNA, Menstuff Loafers (menstuff hunt item)
poses: Izumiya (freebies)


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