But, soft!

What rabbit in thine pocket rides? Today I finally got the Gos Curvaceous boots onto Portia’s feet. I’ve been unhappy with them because they topped out too far below my av’s knees, but I discovered that they can be tallened up and stretched or shrunk in a myriad of ways! They’d be perfect if I could have the chocolate brown colour on the front side of the boot, but that does not seem to be an option. /me pokes boot with a stick The pockets in this pretty patchwork jacket from Luv’s Free Shop’s Lucky Board are stuffed with children’s toys, so you don’t want to be wearing this to the Capulets’ ball or the Montagues’ after-party.

Have you ever found the skin? I don’t understand why Mensje by Dutch Touch feels like Portia, since she looks much younger and sweeter than I ever imagined her. But I love the way this skin in particular transforms my av’s features. She looks a bit like Tarja, my childhood friend from Finland, so perhaps Mensje fulfils some nostalgic need. If Portia is looking particularly poised today, it’s because Glitterati has just released pack 19 of model poses, which are, as always, designed to look fabulous from multiple angles.

It is the sweet’st, but Portia is the sun. I was not prepared when I chose my first avatar’s name. It popped into my head, a morsel from the mind of my highschool self, perhaps because I thought of Capelo as Italian. Portia is a name I associate exclusively with Shakespeare’s character—apologies, astronomers—and I think of her as the embodiment of justice, a heavy quality to project onto an avatar. Ooh! I just realized that I have long had an irrational fear of Venice—on account of all the untimely dying that happens there, if books and movies are to be believed*—so perhaps I chose Portia because I am coming around to visiting the city.

Portia wears Novel by [e] hair. I was stoked to find that Elikatira’s hair is available in an Essentials Pack with two shades each of blonde, brunette, and red hair. Ima luv a snack pack! (/me pours milk into the mini cereal box and witnesses the miracle once more.) Portia’s lovely peachy-orange skirt is 50L from Happy Finds, but only, I hear, for about five more days. There are four more patterns to choose from.

*The Wings of the Dove, Death in Venice, Don’t Look Now, The Comfort of Strangers

Credits to creators
skin: Dutch Touch, Mensje Rose (two skins from the Starters Pack, which contains no makeups, just variations on the basic face)
shoes: Gos, Curvaceous Boots Brown
poses: Glitterati, Model Poses pack 19 (ty Katey Coppola!)
set: Reek, The Old Attic skybox
Look one
jacket: Luv’s Free shop, Tanzen jacket (LB)
jeans: SMS, Highwaist jeans pink
blouse: Chantkare, part of Teni outfit (gg in rear of store)
pearls: NHA!, Nancita Pearl Necklace (The Fashion Garret item)
earrings: kik, parl (old hunt gift)

Look two
suit jacket: Chantkare, part of English Tweed Suit
skirt: Happy Finds, Vintage Skirt Elizabeth [UPDATE store has disappeared again]
sweater: Ingenue, Ever After Cardigan Chocolate (old Seasons Hunt gift)
bustier: Lark, Grace Blouse Blush (only available on Marketplace, if at all)
leggings: Exodi, Clare Yoga Capris Dusty Rose
hair: [e], Novel Red (from the Essentials pack)
necklace: Primalot, part of Nuclear Motion set
rabbit mask: barberyumyum, rabbit o-me-n(pink) (old Itutu event item)


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