Two time electric lime

Last week I was called a tease because I decided to not say bad things about teal in my 52 Weeks of Color post. So I am also not going to say anything bad about electric lime, because I’ve always wanted to be called a tease. In fact, I will say nothing about anything from now on, if that’s what brings in the fans and makes me properly feminine. /me burps and shifts my nuts. I do, however, have to say that I’ve been wanting to use these DaMa lime stockings for ages, so I struggled trying to put together a look that could live up to their electricness, to the point of calling in a consultant to help me out. I got so frustrated that I retreated to the safety of a basic black-and-pow combo using Slow Kitchen’s new group gift.

I spent ages photographing this ensemble because I was fascinated by Portia’s hair and makeup. And by her bewitching eyes, which Ampersand Artful sent out to get good and blogged. Amperlope’s violent violet slur eyes and the aquamarine pair Portia wears in the second closeup are new, and they’re 50L each for today’s Lazy Sunday event.

With my safety look shot, I was able to loosen up and pull together a second, punchier look, using the stockings and Surf Couture’s Spring Fling Wedges, which get closer to the yellowness of electric lime without actually crossing the color line. The ray gun, which does cross that line, is part of duboo’s Project Themeory item for the weekend.

If you are admiring Portia’s makeup, you should hop down to Romi Skin and either wait for the skin to come up on the LB or pay 100L to join the group. Do not under any circumstances brandish your ray gun and try to hold up the fashionistas for cash or gifts. They are all there on a break from Skin Fair Thunderdome and are primed to rend you prim from prim. /me groans so you don’t have to.

Credits to creators
Look like Kirsty Hume
skin: Romi Skin, 2011 GG Skin 1 (NEW as gg or LB; group fee 100L)
eyes: amperlope, violent violet slur eyes (NEW for Lazy Sunday; ty Ampersand!)
liner: LpD, Blue Strong Kajal (old gift)
hair: vive9, Freja in Butter
socks: DaMa, part of Play with Me Dress (old gift)
shoes: Mon Tissu, Montsegur Pumps Black (NEW)
dress: Slow Kitchen, Fancy Dot swing dress (NEW gg in store)
bag: GF, Heart Bag Black (Valentine’s subo gift)
bracelet: YS&YS, Summer Big Bag gg comes out of this bracelet that you wear (/me looks inside it for chocolate)
pose: Glitterati, Model Poses 19 (ty Katey Coppola!)

Look like Flash Gordon’s Li’l Sister
skin: Romi Skin, 2011 GG Skin 1 (NEW as gg or LB; group fee 100L)
eyes: amperlope, aquamarine slur eyes (NEW for Lazy Sunday; ty Ampersand!)
hair: kik, shinobu blonde
shoes: Surf Couture, Spring Fling Wedges Lime (the bestest shoes what ever was)
jacket: r.icielli, Dylia Jacket Orange (old TDR item)
skirt: Milk Motion, My Buttoned Skirt (recent TDR Blue item) [stretched this out too much, eep]
tank: Khush, Butterfly Tank Pink (freebie)
bodysuit: SK Designs, SLime WF Bodysuit (old event item, may not be available)
gun: duboo, wooju sonyun sonyu set (Project Themeory this weekend)
poses: Boom (this pose comes with any item you buy); duboo, pose comes with gun

location: Glam Affair


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