Not just for demons

After a hard day on the Hellmouth, I like to relax in silky sweet lingerie at my beach house in Malibu. But that doesn’t mean I have to take off my Plastik skin and slip into something more human. I can mellow out my golden-yellow flesh with a lightener like this one by PXL.

Or I can let my Sweet Mimi Romantic Separates by The Sea Hole turn me into a big ol’ softie, with a big ol’ tattoo on my face, and a big ol’ heart erm packed for my ahem lunch tomorrow.

Seriously, folks, I love Aikea Reiko’s skins, and I see no reason to act like they aren’t suited for non-fantasy looks. It’s often our partners who don’t like us to look other-than-ordinary. I betcha that the moment your mate gets a look at the dimples Ms. Reiko drew on the butt, he or she will be loving your outer demon.

Credits to creators
Look one
outfit: Sea Hole, Sweet Mimi Romantic Separates Eggplant
lightener: PXL, Tone Smoother/Lightener
skin: Plastik, Ataciara Elven Cosmic Love Aphrodite (recent Lazy Sunday item)
hair: Exile, Hope Chocolate (200L for a four-colour pack to support the Garden City Relief Fund for victims of the Christchurch, NZ earthquake, but just until March 5; limo and blog)
socks: Baffle!, Cozy Socks Dusty Gray
bracelet: Exodi, Morski Pas Bracelet
poses: Just a Pose, Couture Shocked (ty Glamourama Boa for the awes poses)

Look two
outfit: Sea Hole, Sweet Mimi Romantic Separates French Blue
skin: Plastik, Ataciara Elven Muted Anjou Naked (recent Lazy Sunday item)
tattoo: Plastik, Demon Fades Tattoo Face Aaanh (last weekend’s Lazy Sunday item)
eyes: Plastik, VaeColl BeautyPink (came with Cosmic Love Skin, see above)
hair: Exile, Bianca Twilight (old gg)
pose: hmaem, from the Escape Myself Pack

set: La Flat, Rippen Vintage Beach Shack Skybox (dollarbie)

This feels like a good day to thank the creators who have consistently sent me items to blog: Ampersand Artful, Glamourama Boa, Katey Coppola, and Emily Kaestner. And I also want to thank the bloggers who have added pleisure to their blogrolls. Oh yeah, I know who you are, and I am very grateful for the traffic! If there’s anyone out there who wants to be added to the pleisure roll, just let me know. I aim to be exhaustive, not exclusive.


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