Beauty takes time, and cucumbers

Don’t hate Darcy because she’s beautiful. Have you picked up the free goodies from the new Pig shop in Oh My Stars? They include the Sing Sing cardigan in this unusual putty colour. Darcy’s skin is on one of the My UglyDorothy Lucky Boards in BonBon, where you will also find two new LB skins with runny mascara and four older skins, including one with a snotty nose and one with a drawn-on cat’s face.

Hate her because I had to wait four hours for her to sober up and take off her “bunneh-boo-I-see-you slippy-slip slippers.” Drinkenstein Sorbet sent out a pack of three ruffled bodysuits to her subscribers, whom she loves. Did you know that Vanitas Vesture is offering discount prices on all of her pieces in the “Swamp” colour? Call this colour “olive” and no one needs to know your prettiest skirt came out of a quagmire.

Credits to creators

skirt: Vanitas Vesture, Wonderland Alchemist Skirt Swamp
sweater: Pig, Sing Sing Precious (freebie)
bodysuit: The Sea Hole, I Love My Subscribers Ruffle Bodysuit (subo gift)
skin: My UglyDorothy, Eva LB02 (LB)
mouth, pic 2: Pididdle, Chapped Lips Only Teeth (SH gift, not available)
shape: DeLyn, Darcy
hair, pic 1: Tiny Bird, Girl Anachronism Natural Red (my fave Tiny Bird hairdo)
hair, pic 2: Tiny Bird, Sodom South Georgia Natural Red
socks, pic 1: Modd.G, Trix Sheer Socks (gift in store)
socks, pic 2: Mother Goose’s, Kneesocks Girl and Boy
shoes, pic 1: Surf Couture, Nantucket Spectators Olive
slippers, pic 2: +mocha+, rabbit slipper pink (not available, but there are teddy bear versions)
earrings: Dark Mouse, part of Bank’s Closed Silver set
cig: rbcg, tabk girl stoagie plain
mask: creator ichi swansong, Pack (I have no idea how this got in my inventory!)
pose, pic 1: Awesome Blossom, Cottage Chair (Valentine’s subo gift)
pose, pic 2: still life, from the dreamy and elegant pack
set: Reek, The Old Attic

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