A murder of clothes

I’m a timid little thing, and I rarely wear loud colours. So I cringed at some of the purple, orange, and green outfits offered on previous Twisted Hunts. This time around, the focus is Edgar Allan Poe’s raven, and the colour is red, so there are a lot of divine black or black and red goodies to be had. I’ve combined a few of them with items from Portia’s wardrobe, including a dress I saw on the Marketplace and just had to have. I’m a timid little thing (is there an echo in here?), so I don’t usually strap Portia into dresses this blatantly sexy. But I could not resist the way the fabric drapes over the body and the buckles that cast shadows over the breasts, hip, and partially exposed butt. The dress can also be worn with a light mesh panel that fills in the wide open spaces.

Beauty Killer’s Twisted gift is a pack of delish skins with two variations of glossy lips, one in gray-lilac, which you see here, and one in blood-red, which Portia wears in the closeup below. There are also eye-makeup variations and a pair of skins with hella bloody chins. Sassy Kitty’s outfit is hot, with a French can can feel to the elegant skirt. I have to admit that there’e a lot more to the outfit than what Portia wears here. Dilly Dolls’ colour-change Freddi boots are to die for. Especially if you’re a vamp and guaranteed to rise again. [UPDATE I learned from Desiree Debruyere’s blog that these boots are only available for the first week of the hunt. Run, run on your spindly legs!]

Immateria’s gift contains this lady’s gown, a gent’s outfit, and three different murders of crows that circle your avi. Plus, there are crow shoulder pets, one of which I modded into a hand-pet for a photo I’ve posted on the Pleisure Flickr. Don’t forget that the Twisted Hunt is famously tough, and this time around the creators have set out decoy boxes, some of which mock you when you touch them. Bad things happen to people who hunt alone. I recommend that you join the group for help. With all these birds on the wing, one can’t be too careful.

The hat is the Twisted Hunt gift from Shape it Up, although it’s by Alexxcessories. Another version lets your avi nom a feather. Methinks Portia ate hers. We work awfully long hours.

Credits to creators
Photos 1 and 4
hat: Shape it Up (Alexxcessories), Twisted Nevermore (Twisted Hunt gift)
skin: Beauty Killer, Nancy Skin Hurt Dark Lips Eyeshadow (Twisted Hunt gift)
face tat: nestle my bosom, creepy crow face paint
hand tat: La Malvada Mujer, La mano black (freebie)
eyes: Plastik, Bloodless Gold (part of the Demon Fades Lazy Sunday item)
hair: Kin, Cricket Black
dress: %:EC:., Box Tease Mini Dress (99L on the Marketplace)
stockings: League, Side-gartered stockings black
boots: Dilly Dolls, Freddi’s Raven Limited Edition Boots (colour change!) (Twisted Hunt gift)
claws: La Malvada Mujer, part of Essence TNT (current Fashion Garret item)
collar: Plastik, Recluse Collar Feathers Leather Black
earrings: Djinn & Tonic, Sorrow Sparrow Salt n Pepper (DUII item, not available)

Photo 2
dress: Sassy Kitty Designs, Raven Gown (Twisted Hunt gift)
skin: Beauty Killer, Nancy Skin Natural Light Lips (Twisted Hunt gift)
eyes: Beauty Killer, Nancy Skin Big Black Eyes (part of Twisted Hunt gift)
red eyeliner: La Malvada Mujer, part of Essence TNT red line on eyes (current Fashion Garret item)
horns: Djinn & Tonic, .44 Caliber Faun Horns, Unisex
boots: Dilly Dolls, Freddi’s Raven Limited Edition Boots (colour change!) (Twisted Hunt gift)
socks: Royal Blue, The Death of a Clown Socks in Mono Act (DU<3 item, not available)
pose: Glitterati, from Breast Cancer Awareness 2 pack

Photo 3
dress and crows: Immateria, Evermore the Raven Dress and crows attachment (Twisted Hunt gift)
collar: SD Wears, Twisted Hunt Collar (resizable!) (Twisted Hunt gift)
hair: booN, WAW635 Black
skin: Beauty Killer, Nancy Skin Natural Light Lips (Twisted Hunt gift)

poses: SLC, 2010 Selection AO set (New year's gift)


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