That 70s look

It could be classy. I am over the moon for the new high-waisted Katherine pants from Ingenue. This Leche colour and a pale yellow colour are available at the current edition of Disco Deals. I thought Portia’s SMS sweater was ecru, so I splurged, but it’s actually gasp beige. I still adore its uneven hem and the variety of belt options, although the belts can’t be worn separately. The Tokidoki teapot bag was a treat to myself on account of not being able to afford the newer, more expensive purses. I’ve admired this one longtime.

It could be sassy. Message to Drinkenstein Sorbet: your cute cuteness has got to stop, or I am going to end up moving into The Sea Hole. The halter top is actually a flowered jumper with a small frill on the shorts and a nice big bow at the back of the neck. It comes in another five colours of seductive seductiveness. The Prem Hair 01 is free at W&Y. It’s a pack of normal colours (unlike the last one, which was crazy colours). This sharp style reminds me of my 1970s bowl cut, which looked like a prison ‘do because the hairdresser, Mr. Toroni, confused it with a pixie cut. (Guess when I figured that out? Yesterday. Until now, my family thought he just couldn’t cut straight.)

“This is a special kind of angel called a Charlie.” —Anyanka on Hallowe’en in short shorts

Credits to creators
Look classy
trousers: Ingenue, Katherine Trousers Leche (NEW at Disco Deals)
sweater: SMS, Belted Sweater Beige
skin: Plastik, Ataciara Elven Valah Dark Naked (yesterday’s 50L friday item)
eyes: Cupcakes, Eyes 2011 blue/gold
hair: lamb, Sugarless Powder
jewellery: League, Wanderer set (yesterday’s 50L friday item)
bag: tokidoki, teapot purse brown
boots:, Dream.Booties Copper
poses: Croire, from the Bag Lady pack; Glitterati, from the Headshot 3 pack (ty pose ladies!)

Look sassy
romper: Sea Hole, Nicosia Sun Suit Maze (NEW)
skirt: Emery, Skirt Ebby Teal (new TDR Blue item)
shape: DT, Sterre shape
skin: Exodi, Sylvan Soleil 17 Dk/f/C (yesterday’s 50L friday item)
lipstick: DT, Yri Lipstick Serie A nr2 (VIPs only free lipsticks pack; honestly, that 250L is the best I ever spent)
hair: W&Y, Prem Hair 01 Better (free, may need to join group, no fee)
socks: Maitreya Gold, Moxie Over-knee socks
leggings: LG Femme, Lace Legs lavender (old TDR item)
shoes: Arnadi Gisaci, Rio Beleza Wedge Faux Pony Lt Gold
glasses: Glow, Beachwood glasses gold
necklace: Modd.G., Horoscope Necklace
bag: TokiDoki, shoulder bag sky (old gg)
pose: Still Life, from the They’re Coming Around pack

set: Reek, Old Attic (you must have noticed that this is my most awesome set)


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