Twist and claw

My second Twisted Hunt photo-session turned into a sub fest with Loica, who’s feeling all inspired by a stern new playmate. In this post, raven-haired Lo wears Blue Blood’s special stripped-down Twisted version of the Florence outfit, and pairs it with the Nevermore collar hunt gift from Magically Alluring. Her poses are part of Del May’s Twisted Extras gift (which is sitting right out in the open on the second floor of the shop, where someone is liable to see and click it with ease! It’s scandalously unTwisted.)

Platinum-haired Lo wears Dare Designs’ Bloodraven outfit, which includes the multi-layered dress, gloves, hat, red glasses, red booties, and a pair of red stockings not shown here. (I traded them out for my fave pair from Grim Bros.) Platinum Lo’s first pose is part of a Del May couple pose from her primary Twisted Hunt gift, which is all hidden like, all genuinely Twisted like. I made the male poseball transparent, and then I flipped Lo on her back with the rotate control. You’ll have to go to the Pleisure Flickr to see how much she enjoyed that.

In today’s post Lo wears two of the new group gift skins from Mynerva. 50L gets you into the new group and lets you grab four skins available in the store, one of which is perfect for all you unTwisted normal-type avatars. (Well, the intense silver eyeshadow is a titch sinister.) Lo’s whip is from CheerNo, and you can pick it up for a song at The Fashion Garret in Barcelona sim.

I actually opened GIMP and erased the invisiprim shadow from Forsaken’s ballet boots, which are part of their Tortured Alice set. And the world did not end! So I also smoothed the edges on one of Lo’s knees. And then I panicked at the sight of the slippery slope to total image manipulation. I’m just not enough of an evil genius for that. Mwah hahahaha.

Credits to creators
Raven-haired look
Twisted Hunt items
outfit: Blue Blood, Florence Special Twisted Edition
collar: Magically Alluring, Nevermore Collar
poses: Del May, Twisted Extras
Other items
skin: Mynerva, Group Gift 3 (NEW; 50L join fee)
hair: [e], Glory Black (current TDR Blue item)
boots: Forsaken, part of Tortured Alice set (these boots use invisiprims)
tat: Huz, oriental black faded tattoo layer
earrings: Glow, Black Lace earrings (recent TDR item)

Platinum-haired look
Twisted Hunt items
outfit: Dare Designs, parts of Bloodraven
pose one: Del May, Twisted Hunt gift
Other items
skin: Mynerva, Group Gift 2 (NEW; 50L join fee)
eyes: Plastik, VaeColl Beam
hair: Scribble, Ever After Hair (retired)
string tattoo: Scribble, String Theory Black
stockings: Grim Bros, Heartbroken Charity Edition
boots: Dilly Dolls, Sonata Dark Boot Black
cuffs: Forsaken, part of Tortured Alice set
pose two: chicadabynilgiha, from the DUnLtd19 pack

studio: Gauged, Photo Studio One


3 thoughts on “Twist and claw

  1. all the fab photos you are taking of the twisted hunt goodies is reeeeeeeeally making me want to hunt out some stuff. but twisted hunt…. I can’t. I just can’t.

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