Quoth the maven…

… “Read much more.” I think it’s safe to say that I don’t need any help getting my goth on. In fact, it looks like my goth is never going to get off. (That didn’t come out right.)

Thus far, my Twisted posts have lured a record number of viewers to Pleisure. So I thought I’d use my winning goth+glow formula to make a PSA for literacy. We need to encourage everyone to read more. Even if it’s only the hilarious Satan’s Bible from Pinkmares House.

My college-age students don’t read, and that means that they don’t know how to write. Without exposure to good writing, students have no models for making rational arguments. Many of them can’t tell the difference between a fact and a concept, with the result that a writer’s ideas look like facts for the taking.

Credits to creators
Pic one
Twisted Hunt items
tattoo: Collisions
collar: SD Wears
wings: Favole
bracelets: LouLou&Co
Other items
skin: Glam Affair, Glam Affair, Mary Grey D/B (TDR) (UPDATED info)
hair: LOQ, Tiramisu Black (subo gift)
lingerie: The Death, Darksider Red (gg)
stockings: Blue Blood, Rika in Red
book: Slow Kitchen (old hunt gift)
pose: Just a Pose, Harlequin Umbrella [contains awesome poses with or without umbrella; ty Glamourama Boa!]

Pic two
Twisted Hunt items
eyes: bubble [these eyes have ravens in them!]
dress and wings: Dark Fairytales, Twisted Raven [the prize box was in another box when I found it: I recommend using wireframe view]
Other items
skin: Frick, Autumn’s Fell Blush Clvg Dk Brows (no longer available)
book and finger wrap: Pinkmares House, parts of The Unholy outfit
hair: Sky Everett Designs, Lady Saelanar (CAHH 2010)
bangles: AMD, Contemporary Bangles Grey Scale (Pure Juice event gift)
cuff: Gabriel, Orion hand belt with chain (gg)
pose: Olive Juice, [malfunctioning] ZPH pose (no longer available)

Pic three
Twisted Hunt items
tattoo: Collisions
choker: Magically Alluring
eyes and eye makeup tat: bubble
bracelets: LouLou&Co
book: Secret Shelf (there are many extra prizes of books in different colours, as well as a journal and a reading chaise in addition to the main prize, which you can see on the Pleisure Flickr)
outfit: Blue Blood, Rika Red
skin: Glam Affair, Castalia Vampire skin A (old gg)
hair: LeLutka, Claudia BlueNight (old gg)
nails: Sn@tch, Nail Candy Black Red Cross
pose: Atomic, Book Hold

Pic four
Twisted Hunt items
outfit: Secret Shelf
legs: Sangre Noir
wings: Favole
bracelets: LouLou&Co
tat: Collisions
Other items
skin: Glam Affair, Glam Affair, Mary Grey D/B (TDR) (UPDATED info)
hair: LOQ, Tiramisu Black (subo gift)
beak: Scribble, Nevermore beak (no longer available)
book and pose: Slow Kitchen (old hunt gift)


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