All those Twisted posts have given me birdbrain. I can’t keep track of anything. I’d like to tell you about all the opportunities to help Japan, but they have not stuck in my mind because they are too numerous and dispersed across the grid. I’m going to try to cover Fashion For Life, but I have to say that every time I go looking for a store I miss it. And in the absence of furniture I can jump onto, I can’t get to stores that I find with my cam rather than my av’s feet. Speaking of feet, there’s a staggering sale at SLink, but I forgot to put Portia’s tired piggies into one of her new pairs of Cassandra heels, currently selling at 80% discount. You must be wearing your group tag to get the discount, and it’s one of those pay-the-full-price-and-get-a-refund deals, so you have to have about 4,000L to get the fatpack, even though it ultimately costs you around 780L. Cool Beans’ pumps are in the prettiest shade of pretty I ever did see, so you are getting good shoe in spite of my brain-stun.

Ingenue’s cool Katherine Trousers are now available in a range of colours. Portia’s cropped bustier is a Project Themeory item from Vive9, and it’s still available. Even though it’s supposed to be 75L, it’s 150L. That hurt my already enfeebled brain, and it made me not buy the neato pants paired with the bustier, which are also 150L. I know that people make mistakes and have lapses, but it’s Themeory, yo. If you want the deevoon Honeysuckle clutch for 1L, go to the Costa Rica branch of INDY&Co.

Credits to creators
bustier: vive9, Blossom Bustier in Blush (project Themeory item, still available; 150L)
skin: Exodi, Sylvan Lumiere 17 Lt/F (past 50L Friday item)
lipstick: AtomicBambi Tatoo Sabrina Lip Fuschia Blush (old gift)
shoes: Cool Beans, Plain Jane Grapefruit (Pure Juice item; they come with the dress)
rings: LaGyo, Shield Rings Copper/white
bag: Indy&Co, Catalan Clutch Honeysuckle (1L at Costa Rica branch)
pants: Ingenue, Katherine Trousers Leche
bolero: Coco, Fur Bolero Brown
hair: Clawtooth, True Betty (last 50L Friday item)
necklace: Sanu, Pearlescence Pink/gold drop necklace
poses: Croire, from the Bag Lady pack
location: China (du-uh!)


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