Ever-changing moods

Sometimes your avatar wants to hit the clubs.

Sometimes your avatar wants to stay home and listen to Joy Division.

Luccy Sands has done a wonderful post with info about the many ways to help Japan and about FFL.

Credits to creators
hair: Clawtooth, Louise Brooks Softest Black
skin: Mons, Jess likit violet lips no brows (old TDR Blue item)

Pic one
jacket: Aoharu, NoCollarJK (Red) (50L donation item for Japan, at The Fashion Garret)
earrings and tank: Sn@tch, from the Swag Bag at FFL
tat: Para Designs, Black Pearl Dark

Pics two and three
haori: Pop Feel, Modern Haori GP (gg in store; the obi is permanently affixed to the robe and is colour change)
bra: Blacklace, Black Satin and Lace Bra (part of Sexy Little Gift 2)
capris: Sim-i-Lar, White Rapier Capri pants (gg in store, contains a black pair also)
shoes: The Black Canary, Rocking Horse Shoes Black (FFL donation item, 500L; also in white as a donation item)
shelf: La Flat, Vintage Punk Record Shelf (gg in notices)
chair: Art Dummy, Apple Picking Chair (old hunt gift)

poses: still life, from the dreamy and elegant pack
set: Reek, Old Attic


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