Just one more to ease the ache

In the week since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, my thoughts kept returning to the suffering caused by the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From my outsider’s perspective, what hurt most was the threat of another nuclear trauma on Japanese soil. I’m very grateful that JoJo Runo created this wonderful donation item of cherry-blossomed poses. It made me reach, if only for an hour, for something sublime. Beauty can be a comfort. But then my life hasn’t been destroyed by the earth and sea, so comfort is easy to come by.

The SL community’s charitable endeavours impress me immensely. They’ve made me a more responsive and more responsible global citizen. They do real good in the real world from a platform that could be a hideout. I hope that all of you, organizers and creators alike, take a moment to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Credits to creators
petals and poses: RunoRuno, Cherry Blossom Petals (Help Japan donation item)
skin: CandyDoll, Sara (today’s Lazy Sunday item)
mask: nestle my bosom, leopard mask (latest subo gift)
feet: SLink, Jolie Pied Barefoot Tip Toes 2.0

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