Nothing but blue skies

This is actually the cheeriest photo I shot this morning. I fell through a trapdoor at Yellow Jester and got all excited to find a gibbet that fits Portia perfectly. (Usually the noose is up around her chin.) But I wouldn’t want you to think me ghoulish, so those photos will stay in the family album. What should I say as I contribute my pic to Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color challenge? The state of the world has caught up with Pleisure.

Help Japan
Japan Relief Fund
Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

dress: Azul, Moolto Hunt 2011Mar (Moolto Sisters Hunt gift; requires group tag and silly glasses to find)
hair: [e], Glory (from the TDR sampler pack; hair is now available in store in full range of colours)
necklace: Miel, Sen
skin: tb, Pale Jejune Prissy Light
shoes: LeeZu, La sauvage Mauve
pose: Olive Juice, from the Defying Gravity Pack

location: down a hole at Yellow Jester

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