Desert roses

Sometimes your avatar misses all the excitement. Tomorrow is the last day of Fashion For Life. If I were you, I’d hitch a ride to Zaara and pick up the luscious recolour of the Trishna skirt, my favourite among this year’s donation items.

The Lucky Boards are humming away at Mother Goose’s. It took me a while to find a shape that would suit Trudy II, which made my main av look like a turnip. With very big eyes. Bini, a Mother Goose’s shape, wears this cute ruddy face beautifully.

This gorgeous red skirt is one of tee*fy’s donation items at the Help Japan event. Generally speaking, these events inspire me to spend a lot of money on skins, doing exactly the opposite of what I usually do when I shop SL. (Which is run very far away from seductive big-ticket items.) Esuga frustrated my charitable practice with this cute Help Japan donation skin, which cost only 100L. It’s available in six different skin tones, and I chose the second darkest.

Sometimes aliens are artsy.

Credits to creators
Look one
skirt: Zaara, Trishna Skirt Peach, comes with Mishti tank (FFL donation item)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Trudy II LB (LB)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Bini (not available)
headband: Leo-NT, Deer Headband Wood (former Chic Boutique item)
hair: Exile, Sarah Auburn Mix (former TDR Blue item)
boots: SLink, Whitney Boots Tan
blouse: Atomic, Frilled Mint
cardigan: Pig, Sing Sing Coral

Look two
skirt: Tee*fy, Help Japan Long Skirt Red (Help Japan donation item)
skin: Esuga, Iliana.CherryBlossom.Succubus.Nobust.NT (Help Japan donation item)
shape: My UglyDorothy, Yozoh Miho shape Sora 011 (old tea hunt prize)
dress: Happy Finds, Artistic Sessions Dress (not available)
shoes: SLink, Cassandra Heels Java
tat: Dead Carrots, thou shalt flock together
hair: Exile, Sarah Whiskey Mix (former TDR Blue item)
headband: TFG, Group Gift 3rd Edition (old The Fashion Garret gg)

poses: !bang, ohai there pack
location: [-AS-] aka Abstract Soul Gallery

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