All-weather hipsters

They can’t help it. Those hip young women who toss on all manner of unsuitable thing and look fab. While I have to look mature. (Read employed.) These people are especially exasperating when seasons are changing and they prematurely prance around in shorts. But not the way jocks do, with their legs completely exposed and their minds preoccupied by the 5PM plunge in temperatures that they forgot to factor into their sartorial calculations. (The sandals, they admit, were a mistake.) No, these girls rush the season with forethought as well as flair. Bini, for instance, pairs her Emery shorts with Maitreya tights and an extra-warm Hairy Sweater from RunoRuno.

The sweater can be bulked up with extra attachments, but Bini’s natural beauty keeps her warm. The new Kia skin from Mynerva is as bare as a face can be. It’s also only 300L per skin-tone for a limited time. The skin comes with blonde brows or no brows because it’s designed to be worn with makeup layers. (Darker skin tones probably have a darker brow.) There are three cleavage variations.

At least Acute Scab contributed to efforts to aid Japan when she bought her Vintage Shorts at Tram. They come with a higher-waist version for us oldsters. Gisele Mubble and Stevenzuuh GossipGirl have teamed up as Fleshtone, and this darling fur jacket, a steal at 125L, is part of their new collection. They also have beautiful lizard platform pumps in tastefully playful shades of pink and green.

The new Posh hairdos are simple yet chic. Just the thing I’d envy on the street. (The bangs on this one are TDF.) The Matriochka necklaces that both girls wear in this post are NuDoLu’s offering at the Help Japan event. The pack also contains large versions to make your flat look as youthful and frisky as you. Harumph, I say. (Tomorrow’s post: matrons in knee-length skirts stained with photocopy toner.)

Credits to creators
Look impossibly hip
shorts: Emery, Short Wild Beast (current TDR)
shoes: vive9, Pelaje Pump Sky (NEW! current TDR)
necklace: NuDoLu, Matriochka a la Japonaise B (Help Japan item)
hair: Posh, Vindicated Wheat (NEW! may still be 50L today in this colour only)
skin: Mynerva, Kia 3 BCup (NEW! 300L for a limited time)
freckles: tb, freckles (came with Jejune skin)
eyes: Cupcakes, Eyes 2011 Blue/Purple
shape: Mother Goose’s, Bini (not available, to my knowledge)
sweater: RunoRuno, Hairy Sweater
tights: Maitreya Gold, Allure Tights Midnight

Look even hipper if possible
jacket: Fleshtone, Wildlife Jacket (ty Stevenzuuh and Gisele!))
shorts: Tram, Vintage Shorts Sepia (a Japan donation item at the shop)
necklace: NuDoLu, Matriochka a la Japonaise A (Help Japan item)
hair: Posh, Narcssistic Midnight (NEW! may still be 50L today in this colour only)
skin: Mynerva, Kia 3 Cleavage NB (NEW! 300L for a limited time)
eyebrows: Cupcakes, Eyebrow 1 black (part of old gg)
eyes: Cupcakes, Eyes 2011 Brown
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica (old ZPH gift)
shirt: Fishy Strawberry, Faux Corset Sequins Tee Pink (Euphoria location hunt gift)
glasses: Deco, Soviet Sleeper Glasses Pink (Feb gg)
shoes: LeeZu, La Sauvage Mauve
tights: Tee*fy, Sports Tights Lilac
socks: Maitreya Gold, Moxie over-knee socks Tawny

poses: Izumiya, freebies
location: Fore


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