Simply lovely

I don’t like to load up my avatar up with a lot of stuff. While I enjoy the combination of items I’m showing here, I would drop the brooch and doff the leggings for any inworld adventures.

And who needs shoes when you’re wearing this stunning dress by Tomo Wachter? I admit to buying the gold version at the to one lounge after I had expressly forbidden myself to do so. I agonized over choosing one colour. So I was very happy to see three new colours for sale at tomoto as fundraising items to benefit Japan. It’s not purely greedy when your Ls help the needy. Right?

I can’t believe this gorgeous Mother Goose’s skin is a Lucky Board freebie. It should cost a kingdom because it knows the secret of appearing lit from within.

To my eye, this beautiful new group gift skin from Heartsick represents a return to form after Amesha Jewell’s development of a new face that I personally didn’t like. I’m very very very glad to see this sunny spring face.

Credits to creators
Look one
dress: to one lounge, pour toi honey (it’s now hanging on a rack at the tomoto shop but isn’t set for sale, so let’s say status unknown)
hair: Exile, Sakura Mink (PCF item)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Anika LB (Lucky Board)
leggings: Fleshtone, Ruched Tights Light
shoes: The Abyss, Oxide Ballet [modded: I used the alpha from another shoe because the alpha sold with these is for your bewbs]
brooch: W&B, Rae Bird Brooch (this one was an old hunt gift; others available in store)

Look two
dress: tomoto, pour toi et pour Japon Love (PCF item; there are two donation colours at PCF and three donation colours at tomoto’s store)
skin: Heartsick, Spirit Aura Sunny (subo gift, but hurry)
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica (old ZP hunt gift)
hair:, Sasha Moody Brown
necklace: Sanu, Pearlescence Necklace Pink/Gold

poses: Croire, from the Static Gachas group (ty Emily!)
set: La Flat, Rippen Beach Shack (dollarbie)


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