It tickle me down to my toes

I had raw umber and burnt umber, but no unburnt-yet-no-longer-raw umber. AKA the heavily petted umber. (What, you didn’t Wiki it?) So I skipped umbrage. Did I feel free? No. I went from my tortured desire for rebellious-catholic-school-girl umber to a tortured resentment of people who were faking it with menopausal brown. Man, I hates me some society some times, with all the compromising and happy campering that goes on.

This has been the white edition of Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Credits to creators
skin: My UglyDorothy, Help Japan skin (donation item at Help Japan)
makeup and eyes: Plastik, Deia makeup in Subconscious and Deia eyes in Dysfunction (former Lazy Sunday item)
hair: Wild Nothing, Messed Milk
bangles o glory: Mandala, Milky Way Bracelet Polly White (as of this writing, these are still reduced price on the Marketplace)
shoes: [e], Move Pumps Powder (FFL donation item)
top: LiNe, Ripped Top White (gift in store)
leggings: Zaara, Nishar Leggings White Art Print (so many options with these leggings: it’s like the devil made them to tempt us)
poses: HelaMiyo, Photo Studio (dollarbie; happy b’day Miyoko!)

I said now goodness knows.


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