Blondes hot and cool

I looked out during lecture this week and saw a tear roll down the cheek of the only blonde in my class. I’d been discussing the dumb blonde stereotype, and there she was, crying. Why? Was it because the stereotype is cruel and unjust, or because she recently did the single dumbest thing any of my students has ever done? To make up for my unintended chauvinism, I solicited stereotypes for brunettes and redheads, but they just don’t stick the way the blonde ones do. In order to make more amends, I’m doing this affirmative action entry on behalf of all the perfectly lovely blonde hairdos I’ve snubbed because I’m an envious brunette.

As these photos demonstrate, blonde avatars can be divided into hot and cool varieties, depending on two variables. The first: whether she wears orange shorts or a blue blouse. The second: whether she smiles joyously or wisely keeps her happiness under wraps. Blondes who look this good know that Ingenue is offering new shorts in four colours at 75L each for today’s Lazy Sunday. And they tap Les Petits Details (LpD) for elegant separates, sexy rompers, and cool gifts. There is probably some truth to the saying that “Behind every great blonde avatar there’s a brunette SLifer.” But I don’t want to make good for truisms in my next post, so let’s just pretend we are all equally equal.

Credits to creators
Look hot
shorts: Ingenue, Mitzi Shorts Cutie (NEW! 75L for Lazy Sunday today)
romper: LpD, Sexy Doll Body Green (NEW! ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
bag: LpD, Summer Girl Bag (1L in store)
skin: PF, Elly Honey Spotted Love (DIMH2 gift)
hair: [e], Glory, Blonde 12
shoes: The Black Canary, Rocking Horse Shoe White

Look cool
blouse: LpD, Philosophy Blouse Blue (NEW! ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
jeans: Fab.Pony, Chloe Jeans Charcoal
skin: tb, Pale Jejune Prissy
eyeliner: LpD, Green Strong Kajal (gift in store)
hair: [e], Frost Blonde 08 (old Seasons Hunt gift, but can be bought in shop)
necklace: Dark Mouse, Embrace of Flowers Lucite Necklace

poses: estetica, old Menstuff Hunt poses


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