On the line

Lately I’ve lost my shyness about making Flickr contacts and have been collecting my favourite bloggers, with the result that I get to see all the best work in one place. I’m like a kid in a shop full of pictures of candy. These women are all so good that I’ve gone snap-happy just trying to keep up. Today, I’m showing off this beguiling Sara skin by Bodyline. It’s one of the less-blogged Help Japan donation skins. The picture in the shop is in the wrong skin tone, which is a bit annoying, and could lead to unhappy donors, although the mismatch is noted on the vendor. I’ve not helped things by shooting the skin in weird light. But I’m going to blame all my artsy contacts for making me hit the sliders. Mystery, innit.

Credits to creators
skin: bodyline, Sara m1 help Japan (Help Japan donation item: see above for caveats)
dress: fd, Champagne Fog Magenta
hair: Raw House, Mae Maroon
eyes: UH, GemStone eye G04 (old gift in store)
pose: Glitterati, from the Headshot 3 pack (ty!)
location: China


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