Frickity frackity frou

The sad news is that Fricka Morgath will be closing Frick at the end of March. The happy news is that Frick’s fantabulous Belle Epoque outfit is only 75L until then. Belle Epoque comes in four delicious colour combos. I blogged the pink and brown version a while back in my sinister Sisters Frick post. There’s a black and purple combo for those of you who want to be proper Goth dollies.

But why not wear the brilliant blue and green of Dragonfly and pretend that you are the only decent (hmm, that’s not the right word) entertainment in a desert outpost? There are cogs on the bustle of the skirt, in case you need to present your bona fides (that’s not the right word either) to a handsome Victorian.

Or try the metallic hues of Belle Epoque in Brass and start a gunfight in that same one-horse town. Over the horse, presumably. Which should get you out of that town. Which is now a no-horse town. B*tch!

Credits to creators
Loica wears
outfit: Frick, Belle Epoque Dragonfly (see my Sisters Frick post for the long skirt)
skin: Frick, Sweetheart Sugar Dk brows (available in several skintones in the dollarbie hearts “hidden” in Frick)
tat: act chio, birds in the skull of a rose tattoo (ty for the nifty tats!)
goggles: Grim Bros., Steam hunt goggles gift (Steam Hunt 4 gift)
boots: SLink, Mariana Boots Suede Merlot
hair: Govil, Leo black (free on the Marketplace)
poses: Glitterati, from the Headshot 3 pack and Olive Juice, from the I <3 My Face pack

Portia wears
outfit: Frick, Belle Epoque Brass
skin: &bean, Lake Kablam Normal (available on the Marketplace)
eyelashes: amperlope, Gold Leaf Black Lashes (old Seasons Hunt gift)
tat: Esuga, Booboo knees and bandaids
hair: Clawtooth, Goodbye Horses Coco [tinted]
boots: SLink, Mariana Boots Suede Merlot
pistol: Wretched Dollies, part of Phoebe Gunn ensemble (Steam Hunt 4 gift)
cig: RCBG, part of Tank Girl set
poses: BOOM, comes with every purchase and Izumiya, from the freebie packs upstairs

location: the Nile


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