Evening soft or strong

Prowl in like a midnight pussycat. In Sassy Designs’ slinky skirt.

Roll in like a pre-dawn storm. In Meghindo’s flashy leather.

Intimidate. In a Miamai skin for Another Fundraiser II.

Bemuse. In Deia eyes and makeup by Plastik.

Credits to creators
Look soft
skirt: Sassy!, part of Elegance Dress (DIMH2 gift)
bustier: Aleida, part of Jane outfit
hair: [e], Vivid Brown 04
skin: Curio, Honey Frex Light Jasmine Wood 2
shape: Curio, Jasmine shape
makeup and eyes: Plastik, Deia Makeup Borderlicious and
Deia Remind Eyes
pearls: Aluinn, The Black Rose Cascade Pearls
shoes: [e], Move Pumps Near Black
stockings: Rebel-X, Snowflakes Sheer Socks Blue (free pack of stockings)
fan: Solange, Black Coquette Feathered Fan (modded; old FFL gift)
poses: agp (old Gabriel gg)

Look Strong
jacket: Meghindo’s, part of Look#2 (gg; fee to join)
leggings: Fleshtone, Distressed Jersey Leggings (ty Stevenzuuh and Gisele!)
blouse: Kyoot, Foreboding Blouse Navy
skin: Miamai, RedNju skin (50L at Another Fundraiser II)
shape: DeLyn, Darcy
earrings: Nylon Outfitters, Diamond Spray Earrings
tat: 99Hair, Shaved Tatoo Shorty Black
hair: Madesigns Hair, Eve Dark Brown V
shoes: [e], Move Pumps Near Black
socks: Glow Studio, Roses Socks II B
poses: Just a Pose, from the Couture Shocked and the Simply Sexy packs (ty Glam Boa!)

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