Hedda’s hopping

Hats. Whoda thunk I’d go to Ingenue’s sale and hanker after hats? I bought hip hats when I was in my RL 20s and almost never wore them because being the only person wearing a showy hat is awkward. And it puts a glimmer of torches and pitchforks into the regular folks’ eyes.

Having had to have the hats—called Hedda, after Ms. Hopper, the famous gossip columnist—I knew that if I didn’t blog them both right away they’d end up in a prim box in the back of my virtual closet. The hat comes in several more colours that coordinate with smart full-skirted dresses.

The Hedda hat reminds me of Rosalind Russell in His Girl Friday. It’s jaunty, and it would nicely punctuate all of the quips that make those golden-age movies so damn good. (Btw, this R.icielli jacket is to die for. The vendor does not do it justice.)

Credits to creators
Look fatale
hat: Ingenue, Hedda Blackout
dress: Ingenue, Japonica Dahlia
jacket: R.icielli, Lindsay Coat Dancing Queen TDR [modded: I gave it a bit of glow] (current TDR)
hair: Posh, Rumor Hazelnut
skin: Glam Affair, Mary MedTan B/BL/A TDR 26 and lips tattoo (current TDR)
eyes: UH, GemStone eye G04
shoes: Angel Alphaville, 46e Wood (strap)
socks: Maitreya, Moxie Over-knee Socks Black
earrings: glow studio, Black Lace Earrings

Look harmless
hat: Ingenue, Hedda Mushy Peas
dress: Kyoot, The Ground Beneath Her Feet Darkened Way
cardigan: Reek, Papercut Cardigan Fall
skin: Glam Affair, Mary MedTan B/BL/A TDR 26 (current TDR)
lipstick: AtomicBambi, Tatoo Sabrina Lip Orange
hair: lamb, Sour Butterfinger
stockings: BabyDoll, Pink Lace Thigh Stockings v2

poses: Just a Pose, Couture Shocked (ty Glam Boa!)
set: Reek, Old Attic


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