A Circassian girl she’s not

This look was born of an accidental alignment of bloggables. The Virtual Fashion Feed bloggers’ group is becoming more active, and I recently joined the Pixels in Fashion group, so I am suddenly the blessed recipient of fascinating wares. This makes it possible to play in a way that my strict budget would usually prohibit. I never thought of Portia or of Blue Blood’s clothing as gypsy material, but the big hair combined with the big skirt and boots made me think of fortune tellers and curses. If I’m evoking the Circassians, it’s just because that cliché is less worn out than the caravan gypsy.

As usual, Ghanima Uriza’s Adele comes in a variety of colours combined with black. And it’s at least three outfits in one because there’s a dolly skirt I haven’t shown here. I especially like the sleeves on this one, which look soft and yielding rather than starched and stiff. The brand-new Yaneth hair from Beautiful Dirty Rich can be modded with a menu. Each shade of the hair comes with this black-and-white scarf and with a gorgeous pink one.

There’s going to be a lot more flesh on display in the coming days, so anyone who is a fan of trousers should just start her vacation now. Two last things to say: La Malvada Mujer makeup is genius on a stick, and this Beduin tent by Garden of Dreams is the opposite of cheese, of which there is too much in SL sims. My immersion in a lush exotic setting felt total.

Credits to creators
dress: Blue Blood, Adele in red and Adele in Teal (NEW! ty Ghanima Uriza)
hair: Beautiful Dirty Rich, Yaneth Black I and Yaneth Black Night I (NEW! ty Cameron Vasiliov)
skin: Atomic, Skin Winter Porcelain Frost Cleavage (old gg; didya know all the skins are half price and will be disappeared forever and ever when the sale is over?)
eyes: JM:MAI, cry eye2 (come with Help Japan donation skin)
makeup: La Malvada Mujer, Cinema Muto #5 /me humps this so energetically
earrings: glow studio, Bitterness Earrings Black
tat: {DC}, Thou shalt flock together
boots: Paper Couture, Typhoon Boots Black
ring: Happy Finds, Grinning Death Ring (not available since store is gone again)
cuffs: Dilly Dolls, part of Emilie outfit
set: Garden of Dreams, Beduin Tent
poses: first pose is the estetica Pose Fair dollarbie; others are Juxtapose, from the Urbz pack (one more day to Pose Fair)


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