Posing 101

Her husband was so stoned on absinthe that Portia had little problem rolling him over the edge and holding his head under water. With cuts neatly cleaned and bandaged, and her second glass of the green-eyed demon ready to hand, Portia could finally get down to the fine business of posing in Baffle’s adorable rowboat. (Husband not included. But there’s room for three avatars.)

If your hair and shoes and AOs are off, pose fair is on! Waddle over.

Credits to creators
boat: Baffle, Little Wooden Nutshell (at Pose Fair; ty Sammeh!)
bad medicine: The Fooding, Dark Poet’s Inspiration Tray (Twisted Hunt item, no longer available)
shorts: Milk Motion, My Girly Shorts
henley: Silenced, part of Spring Calm Outfit (M&M hunt gift, look for a pink flower)
socks: LaViere, Basic Mid Calf Socks Salmon (gift in store)
shoes: Periquita, Funny Girl Flats Peach Brown (sadly MIA)
hair: [e], Move Red 05
skin: Slutcookie, H-Fest Skin Raven redbrows no frex
boobooboos: esuga, Booboo Knees & Bandaids

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