She walks in beauty

I wanted to run some low-key pix today, but I woke in a stupor, turned on the TV to stimulate my senses, and hit upon the extraordinarily beautiful scenes of the love quadrangle unraveling in Hero. These photos are as close as I can get to those scenes. I hope they help you come to your senses.

I didn’t need it, but I had to have it: this beautifully drawn satin bodysuit from Ooh LaLa, a shop hidden behind a mysterious curtain at Nylon Outfitters’ Tableau outpost. The statement ring is part of Dark Mouse’s 99L pack of three whoppers at this month’s Disco Deals. I especially like that they can be worn on right or left hands.

Who doesn’t throw on a turban now and then? This one’s a gift from Chantkare.

Credits to creators
bodysuit: Ooh LaLa!, Betty Bodysuit Cream
stockings pic 1: Fishy Strawberry, part of Soignee Pearl lingerie set
stockings pic 2: Blacklace, part of Sexy Little Gift #2 (I had to swap these out because the foot is screwed up)
jacket: Glam Affair, Mara Purple
turban: Chantkare, Nature Turban SP 2011 (NEW gg; fee to join)
ring: Dark Mouse, Statement Ring Romance (part of Disco Deals pack)
skin: Atomic, Emma Porcelain Typhoon 1 (on sale for 500L and then gone forever)
shape: DeLyn, Darcy
earrings: kik, parl (old hunt gift)
hair: Kin, Cricket Black
pose 1: estetica, part of the Regal pack (at Pose Fair)
pose 2: Propositions, from the Sensual Woman pack (at Pose Fair)
set: Garden of Dreams, Japanese Loft

Thank you Pose Fair creators!


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