Look out, she’s gone rogue

It’s my second post today and it’s just because. Just because I received this outfit while Portia stood on the shore of a lake that hides a hiddeny erm pulsey blue dome that’s really quite bright. Just because I deeply dug this outfit: the Nerrin Armor by Fantasia.

The armor is available in Silver as the RFL donation item at Fantasia’s Fantasy Faire stand. Portia is also wearing a tattoo of scales sold separately. (I know I shoulda got one of Plastik’s new mer skins but they scared the bejeezus out of me. In a good way.)

Credits to creators
outfit: Fantasia, Nerrin Armor Blue (at Fantasy Faire Nemo Revisited sim; Silver is RFL donation colour) TY DreamResistance!
scales: Fantasia, Naiad scales gold
skin: Plastik, Ataciara Elven Muted Anjou Naked
shape: Tuli, Zoe shape
eyes: Plastik, Deia Dysfunction and Deia Remind Me [kinda lost control of the eyes—must have been because I was shooting underwater]
hair: Kin, Oralee twobun Green
pose one: Olive Juice, Defying Gravity pack
pose two: .tea, A Fairy-tale pack

location: Blue Galaxy

What do you think?

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