I still dream of organon

I had to hunt for this chair because Professor Lisp’s Cloudbusting Hunt called out the Kate Bush fans. When the “Cloudbusting” video came out back in 1986, I was furious with Ms. Bush for her overt storytelling, which I felt had no place in pop music. (Plus, her appearance as a young boy is some of the worst drag I’ve ever seen.) The video didn’t stop me from playing the Hounds of Love album from dawn till dusk, however. And I was very glad to find out about Wilhelm Reich, who inspired the book that inspired Bush’s song. Given that listening to her first album saved my life when I was 18, I should probably forgive Kate for her execrable acting and directing in “Cloudbusting.” But even if I got past those issues, I’d still be angry about the cerebral hemorrhage caused by the sight of Donald Sutherland on music television.

In addition to the trip down memory lane, today’s post offers you sharp spring outfits featuring scrummy new releases from Sn@tch. The Gilda blouse comes in a fatpack of sophisticated colour combos. Like a lot of Sn@tch blouses, Gilda looks as good without its prim sleeves and collar as it does with them, making it possible to dress it down as well as up. Plus, it’s perfect for showing off the toned Mons tummy that’s been hiding for too long under winter layers.

Credits to creators
Look one
top: Sn@tch, Gilda Top Brown (NEW! ty Ivey Deschanel)
corset: Sn@tch, Ribbed Corset Aqua Sheer (NEW! ty Ivey Deschanel)
trousers: Ingenue, Katherine Trousers Butter
skin: Mons, Bella skin TDRBlue Green mu red brows (current TDR Blue)
lashes: Cheap Makeup, Babysitters Club
hair: [e], Mood Blonde 07
bag: Kao, Gamaguchi Bag / peacock feather (NEW!)
shoes: SC, Spring Fling Wedges Moss
bracelet: Primalot, Nuclear Motion set
chair: Art Dummy, raindrops. (chair) (Professor Lips’s Cloudbusting hunt item)
pose: Manifeste, from the Model pose pack (at Pose Fair; ty!)

Look two
top: Sn@tch, Gilda Top Pewter (NEW! ty Ivey Deschanel)
ring: Dark Mouse, Statement Ring Chocolate (pack of three rings is 99L at Disco Deals)
skin: Mons, Bella skin TDRBlue Green mu red brows (current TDR Blue)
freckles: tb, freckles (come with skins)
hair: [e], Vivid Red 05
pants: YU, Wool Pants Light Grey
pose: Manifeste, from the Model pose pack (at Pose Fair; ty!)

set: Reek, Old Attic


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