Pesca perfect

Pesca is holding a 50% off sale. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but it’s not like you need to wait for rush hour to end before TPing there. So you could go just as soon as you enjoy my post. Today, I thought it would be cute to switch things up a little by accessorizing my day outfit with heels and an updo and my night outfit with a flannel hat and flats.

If you’re looking for a doll dress, this little number comes with a beautiful black, white, and grey collar, and it has an unusual pointy lace trim on the hem. You could even wear the dress with the pettit pants, pictured above in white and also available in black, if you wanted extra dollage. Slash me’s groovy hula hoop pose ate the nice cork soles off the toes of Portia’s shoes. Rest assured that they are fully corked when poses play fair.

[OH]’s Alex is one of those great hairdos that is as well-sculpted as it is kooky. It makes your av look ugly and beautiful at the same time. You’ll be seeing more of it.

Credits to creators
skin: My UglyDorothy, Ari LB02 (NEW! LB)
tat: Dead Carrot, Sleeve Tat-Cupcake Heaven

Day look
shirt: pesca, blue watercolor shirt
pants: pesca, petti pants white
hair: OH, Alex Chestnut Brown (also labeled as coffee brown) (NEW!)
brooch: Alchemy Immortalis, Ami amet deli pencet French Brooch (UPDATE: only 10L on the Marketplace)
shoes: [m], Woo-den heel
bag: Tokid, chai tea bag (old hunt gift)

Night look
dress: pesca, black doll dress
shoes: pesca, strap shoes (gg version; available for sale in the shop’s interior courtyard)
hair: OH, Stage props2 (DUII item not available)
bag: tram, doctor bag gamaguchi (old gg)
leggings: Tuttifrutti, Wild Painter UltraLow Legging (old hunt gift)
socks: mocha, short loose socks plain dirty green

poses: /me, hula hoops [modded colours] (free at the Pose Fair)

What do you think?

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