Back to frontin’

Lately, I have had mad crushes on the avatars of Annalesca Ashbourne and Kathya Sczcepanski, so I decided to pay homage to them today. I can’t get over their beauty, and I love their style. I didn’t mod Portia to make this look, though I have recently been making variations, including a “graviboobs” shape for items like Kyoot’s harness, which requires low-hanging breasts. The “megahips” Portia is only for emergencies. Not even she knows about it.

I sincerely apologize for the absence of metal from Portia’s face. Next time, I’ll fake it so real I am beyond fake.

I have also been swooning over the outfits being released by Severed Garden, and this past week I finally managed to catch the Thursday sale and snag Zoe for 50L. I’ve enjoyed seeing some of the Gorean fashions on the feeds, especially in Elle Coeurblanc‘s blog. But I loathe the gender politics of Gor, and I am just not cut out to serve and slave, although I do like to submit. So I haven’t looked carefully enough into the clothing codes and have probably put too much jewellery and lipstick and too little hair on Portia. But it wouldn’t be a front if I had the look right.

As frikkin awesome as this backpack is, I’ll take a briefcase, concrete, and a packed subway any day. /me fears she hears a mosquito approaching

Credits to creators
Look faunky (I’m old, so I’m required to make bad puns)
horns: DBS, Horns with Butterfly (Move for F donation item in the store)
ears: DBS, Queen Elf Ear (LB)
skin: Curio, Acorn Dark Pout Tantrum 1 (Project Fur Japan donation item)
harness: Kyoot, Addicted to Dopamine Harness Black (everything on sale for 50L but not for much longer)
hair: Magika, Sophie Brown Coontail Edition (Project Fur Japan donation item)
jacket: Airflow, Soft Leather Jacket (gg in store)
tank: Line, Ripped Top Black (giftie)
shorts: Poised, Belt Shorts Charcoal (part of Spring Pressie in store; ty Poise!)
septum piercing: iPoke, Seppy (PCF donation item)
stockings: League, Side-gartered stockings black
butterfly tat: Minajunk, Butterfly tattoo (old freebie)
cuffs: Basic LockGuard V2 Cuff (made by Lillani Lowell…idk where I picked these up, but they were free)
poses: Juxtapose, from the URBz pack, which is only 50L for 5 poses at Pose Fair

Look Gorky (You didn’t think it could get worse, eh?)
outfit with pack: Severed Garden, Zoe (only on jacket and pants layers; see the alternate jacket layer on the Pleisure Flickr)
skin: Glam Affair, Sakura BL TDR27 (current TDR)
lashes: L.Fauna, Lashes Fluffy
hair: mikan, Momo espresso02 M (LB)
bracelet: Rotten Toe, Urban Bracelet (gg in store; tiny join fee)
earrings: Glow, Bitterness Earrings Gold (current TDR)
sandals: DP*yumyum, Candy Sandals green
poses: tram, gift poses pack 7-15

any item with a link to the store or event is a review copy


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