Perfectly still

If your avatar shrugs and pivots and bumps and grinds and bobs and weaves and hops and leaps she’s making me nauseous. I discovered early on that I get woozy and confused if there’s too much movement on my screen, so Portia, poor dear, is always the most wooden avatar in town. Since I’m not looking for sex, Portia doesn’t need to be bait. There’s no call for outhrust chest or hip ahoist. That doesn’t stop me from noticing just how good her butt looks in these nifty high-waisted Chloe Jeans by Fab.Pony. Sure, I was channeling Caspar David Friedrich when I took this photo, but only because I wanted a classy shot of my av’s derriere.

I often use a kimono AO that keeps Portia’s hands clasped in front of her. Visiting tram the other day, I noticed that it is a very serene shop with beautiful uncluttered vistas, and I decided it harmonized well with Portia’s unassuming pose. I grew up in the 70s, when a lot of models and celebrities had very flat chests and could get away with wearing nothing but a structured blazer. I think it’s a very sexy look, so I let Portia hit the shops wearing only a Kazuo jacket and a Tokidoki skirt. Obviously, the new avatar physics are not for me: big bouncing boobs could only make me seasick.

Pink with grey is so very restrained. This look tells you that Portia is an innocent, and she has no plans to eat the apple from the chair of knowledge. (That would just get her banned by some old guy with a white beard.) Aoharu’s dotted blouse comes with a navy mini skirt, and both pieces can be worn separately, so it is excellent value for your money.

Credits to creators
Look one
jeans: Fab.Pony, Chloe Jeans Stone (ty Tatianna Faulkes!)
blouse: Aoharu, DotChiffonShirt Pink (comes with navy skirt) (NEWISH!)
jewellery: Lauria, two different Boheme Necklaces and Boheme Earrings (ty Larissa Lauria!)
skin: My UglyDorothy, Ari LB01 (LB) (NEWISH!)
hair: LOQ, Tiramisu Auburn (old gg)
shoes: Duh!, Espadrilles Old Rose
pose 1: origin unknown, kimono-womanAO-Zhao-II
pose 2: built into chair

Look two
jacket: Kazuo, Jacket Silver (ty Christensia Parkin!)
skirt: tokidoki, Belt skirt (old gg, not available)
hair: LOQ, Tiramisu Dark brown (old gg)
skin: My UglyDorothy, Ari LB01 (NEWISH!)
pose: origin unknown, kimono-womanAO-Zhao-II

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