When Babydoll dances

Love it or hate it, or both l&h it, Suckerpunch leaves us wondering just what happens when Babydoll dances. We know the dance starts with a twitch of her extra-long eyelashes, and it ends with her covered in sweat, but we never see what happens in between. That’s because some guy got the idea of replacing the dance numbers with BabyD’s OTT combat fantasies. The combat scenes feature yawny standard black fetish gear. The dance scenes, on the other hand, feature yummy pale-pastel satin bustiers and classic rehearsal wear just like the Studio Wrap sweaters that Ivey Deschanel created for Sn@tch. In this photo, shy little BabyD. wears the sweater in Flesh overtop a bustier and shorts by Maitreya. You can buy floral-patterned pastel versions of the Studio Wraps alone or pick up the Verna 56 pack, which gives you deeper-colour Wraps and coordinating floral dungarees.

I don’t think I’m ruining the surprise if I tell you that BabyD. is a twenty-year-old virgin. Who dresses like a thirteen-year old. From the early 1960s. In shell-pink babydoll PJs. Seeing her dance would make us feel dirty in a way that seeing her slay things does not. I’m not happy with my Babydoll’s lips, which should be naturally pale pink. I bought every possible lipstick at Kozmetika, but none of them would hide the original Valentine-themed lips on the My UglyDorothy skin. I could have started all over again with a natural-lipped skin and bought all the blushers in Kozmetika. Either way, Kozmetika wins. (Actually the makeups are wonderfully affordable, so we all win.)

What? Isn’t it time for us to see something blowed up real good?

Credits to creators
hair: Truth, Babydoll Swedish (options are colour-change hairband on or off and streaks in various colours) (Project Fur donation item)
skin: My UglyDorothy, Valentine (gg)
lips: AtomicBambi, Sabrina Lip Nude
lashes: R.icielli, Tuwa Lashes (old hunt gift)
shape: Bumbershoot, Alma

Look one
wrap: Sn@tch, Studio Wrap Flesh is part of Verna 56 pack, which comes with many sweaters and several pairs of floral capris (ty Ivey Deschanel!)
top: Maitreya, part of Bodysuit Sea Green
bottom: Maitreya, High-Waist Pants Chestnut

Look two
wrap: Sn@tch, Studio Wrap Army (see above for details)
suit: Ingenue, Esther Teal
stockings: [creator Dawn Memorial], Champagne Stockings

Look 3
sailor suit: Miu, Genie gg 201009 (old gg)
TNT: La Malvada Mujer, part of Essence TNT (former TFG item)

pose 1: AI, French Boudoir 1910 pack (99L on the Marketplace)
pose 2: marukin, from the Pipe Dreams pack
pose 3: Glitterati, from the Long Hair 2 pack
set: DP*yumyum, Dressingroom (old gg)

No lobotomies were performed during the making of this post.

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