Digits is what I need

Strawberry Singh’s What’s Your Digits? challenge quickly ballooned into the bestest flesh fest I ever did see. Bestest not just because of 465+ beauties in lingerie [edit: or boxers, or both], but also because of the fascination of the dazzling myriad of shapes and the astounding diversity of beauty. Looking at these images is like taking a course in life drawing. Every new model shows you that human bodies hang together in the most unexpected ways, and each one is beautiful because of the deviations from the supposed norm.

After looking at other avis’ digits and doing Portia’s, I was shocked to discover that she’s much thinner than I imagined. No body fat, no belly, no love handles, just some saddlebags. I couldn’t leave out Loica, because I knew I’d made her curvier, but I discovered that even she had been denied one of the cute bellies I’m seeing on other people’s avis. So I went back to a new shape I worked on once and then abandoned because she had a hideous profile. (She was practically snaggletoothed and drooling.) I was excited to work with the sliders I’d neglected. And to try a short torso for a change!

She doesn’t have a name. Her nose is OOC (out of control). I’m disappointed to realize that she doesn’t look that different facially from my other shapes. And I’ve already modded her to lower the hips. She’ll be back soon for her official Pleisure debut. In the meantime, keep posting those digits pix at Flickr.

Credits to creators
all skins are by Mynerva
lingerie top to bottom: Phoenix Rising; Canimal (no longer available); Pididdle, Satin Cheekies Rose (ty Brutus Martinek!)
hair top to bottom: fri.day; artilleri; [e]
shoes top to bottom: Pixel Mode; LeLutka; [e]
scoops top to bottom: Kurotsubaki at Drowsy; Kurotsubaki at Drowsy; A&M
poses: Apple Spice, one from the Pin-up pack and two from The Red Carpet pack (ty Apple Spice!)

I was just looking at Anya Ohmai’s Flickr and she reminded me that I wanted to do a third digits pic so that I could have a set of old-fashioned paperdolls, one blonde, one redhead, one brunette. Their names would be Sally, Pepper, and Sis.


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