I know it’s only rock and roll…

…but I like it. I took one look at Sn@tch’s Roxie Bikini paired with opaque black stockings and knew that it was going to be a good day. I can’t explain why this outfit feels right. It’s possible I’m some kind of closet hoochie koochie hotsie totsie. Nah. It’s not.

I also fell hard for the Bo Pop combo of a tight sweater with black shorts and striped tights. The Bo Pop outfit comes with fairly dark sweaters, like the blue one in the photo below, but for this pic I’ve used the Lavender sweater from the Bo Sweaters pack (which is sold separately). I’m not trying to confuse you. I just like to pair light colours with black. It’s so damn wrong that it feel just right.

I try on a lot of shapes because I’m always looking for new models, and they rarely appeal to me. Too many glamour gals on the shape shelves. This shape, which is Mother Goose’s hybrid of the Sienna and Suzanna shapes, won my heart with her big ears. If you buy either of the new Sienna or Suzanna skin packs, you get all three shapes, and five lovely makeups, which I’ll show you in an upcoming post. In the meantime, join the group and fish the latest gift out of the notices: the Tilly skin worn here.

The new model is still nameless because I’m superstitious about getting the right one. Now that we have the power, I play around with Portia’s screen name. She’s been Partisan Plum, Problem Child, and Powerful Narcotic. (I keep the first initial P to eliminate confusion at Lucky Boards.) I like Powerful Narcotic because it suggests that she’s going to put you to sleep. But none of these names sticks. Sticks. I could call the new model Sticks. Nooo, I’m gonna call her Stones. And big ears can be Sticks. Watch out for your bones, boys.

Credits to creators
Throughout, Sticks wears
hair: tram, A330 Red (gg in store)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Tilly02 (gg in notices)
gold tat: Shippe’s Studio, gold breasts like Midas bukake (part of a pack for 50L or 15L gacha)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Sienna/Suzanna shape

Sticks’ first look
outfit: Sn@tch, Roxie Corset Bikinis Orange
bangles: Glow, Lowicz Wood Bangles (may be retired)
earrings: :+*R*+:, Ma Mere l’Oye Pierced Earrings Fab Free (at Fab Free headquarters)
pose: Exposeur, from the Puddle Jumper pack

Sticks’ second look
outfit: Sn@tch, Roxie Corset Bikinis Purple
wrap: Sn@tch, Studio Wrap Eggplant
lashes: Glow, eyelashes Earth Gold Flakes
pose: uhoh, my amnesia is back

Throughout, Stones wears
skin: Heartsick, Spirit Muse Peachy Keen (Super Bargain Saturday item April 16)
hair: LeLutka, Flapper hair Almost Goth
tat: Shippe’s Studio, OMS O Rama Gold Feather Lower Lashes Only (part of a pack for 50L or 15L gacha)
shoes: [e], Move Pumps Near Black
earrings: Glow, Black Lace Earrings
ring: Happy Finds, Grinning Death Ring (store is closed)

Stones’ first look
shorts and tights: Sn@tch, part of Bo Pop
sweater: Sn@tch, Bo Sweaters Lavender
pose: Olive Juice, Butterfly in the Sky

Stones’ second look
sweater, shorts and tights: Sn@tch, from the Bo Pop pack
pose with guitar: .tea, Acoustic set (new subo gift contains three guitar poses)

set: Reek, Old Attic

ty Ivey Deschanel for the Sn@tch items!


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