Today is my birthday and I am undeniably middle-aged. My mother always claims that it’s not safe to say that spring has arrived until my birthday passes. This is because of the various weather disasters that ruined the plans for my childhood parties. One memorable year, it was actually 31 Celsius, with 100% humidity, and my father refused to cook, so we picked up Kentucky Fried Chicken and had purple Lolas for dessert. All the girls ended up with stains on their frocks from playing in the grass and losing control of the Lolas. (They popped right out of the package if you cut too big a slit at the top. First impact would be your chest, where you’d try to catch it but fail. And then the Lola besmirched various parts of your body as it struggled to evade your panicked hands and complete its determined descent to the ground. ) This outfit recalls that messy birthday by decking Portia out with every pretty thing she owns and a lot of paint by Baffle! The pendant on the fab necklace from Manna is an open, oozing tube of gouache.

This ensemble is more appropriate for today’s weather. And Portia is still playing the special birthday girl by parading around with a pipe. In April, one needs something warm to keep the cool breezes off and something slutty to flash at all the cute guys who are once again roaming the streets. Cute men, I mean, at undeniable middle-age. Handsome men. Distinguished gentlemen. Aw fu*k it. /me bundles up

Look one
top: Crazy, Hoshi Top Pink
skirt: SE*Designz, Denim Skirt (NEWISH! ty Stella Eaton!)
necklace: Manna, Gouache Necklace Red
big red hypnotizing necklace: *dg*, little dg necklace (gift in store)
earrings: Manna, Exclusivity Earrings (gift in store)
necklace: AA, pearl lariat white [mah skirt ate mah pearl-drop]
piercing: Dread, Piercing #5 [I found one I like!]
ring: Pepper, Pieces Ring (dollarbie)
hair: tram, A329 hair shell
skin: Curio, Sundust Light Pout Pure 1
paint clothing layers: Baffle!, Artsy Fartsy from The Artist set (ty Sammeh!)
liner: chelle, eyeliner icey Inner Eye Lav
pose: marukin, from the eobseon pack

Look two
hair with hat: izm, pink ponpon choco type a (three hairdo variation included)
top: Grixdale, Birds of a Feather Empire Blouse Brick
jacket: R.icielli, Chantal Jacket Beige (FA Hunt #8)
pants: LG Femme, Parachutes legs Taupe (old TDR)
skin: AMD, Gaia Pale Seduce 1 (ty AppleMay!)
eye makeup: MM, Pop! Light Pink (recent subo gift)
tat: DBS, Love is Pain Tattoo (LB)
pipe: sur+, bonaparte sexy pipe (old Menstuff hunt gift)
choker: Rebel-X, Free Spring Necklace
pose: dfo!, from the bowties pack (ty Willa Whybrow! and tyvm for the Matt Smith references!)

location: outside Lauria


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