I relax in a certain way

This is the post where I toss stuff on a model because I like it and I want to and it’s my blog.

This is the post where I declare that I am freakishly picky about striped nautical stuff and Alphavillain and Duh! have impressed me by passing all seven of my tests.

This is the post where I’m too lazy to be grammatically correct. Skin Mother Goose’s dig the new.

Credits to creators
Portia wears
Seasons Hunt items
tb, Floral Chemise
TokiD, bunny bag
La Malvada Mujer, Poppy & Benzoic 3 makeup
Other items
hair: Anaphora, Bajka Bole
pants: Peqe, Blossoms Cherries (Chic Limited item)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Tilly 1 (gg in notices)
sandals: TokiD, Gladiator Sandals Brown (NEW; modded: I stretched them out too much)

Sticks wears
Seasons Hunt items
Alphavillain, Nautical Shirt
Duh, Season’s Hunt Espadrille flats
TOSL, Gran’s Attic Purse
Other items
pants: Fab.Pony, Chloe Jeans Vintage (ty Tatianna Faulkes!)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Sienna 1 (NEW)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Sienna/Suzanna (NEW; comes with skin pack)
hair: kik, Mimi (TFG item)
necklace: Beauty Code, Long Pearl Necklace part of Pearl Jewellery Set (ty CrusHer Mills and JaneDark Miles!)

poses: SoO, from the Hipster poses pack (ty Auguste Finistair!)

The Seasons Hunt rocks. It bops. It stops, drops and rolls. Thank you creators!


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