Today is the day

Help Japan, the wonderful collection of donation items for disaster relief, is closing on April 20th. So today is the day to search for the lindens left in your imaginary coat pockets or lost in your digital couch. Portia wears Nonko Romankan’s Tokyo Modernist kimono with Peonia makeup from La Malvada Mujer. The kimono comes with proper sleeves, an alternative obi with an apron, and geta.

Tiny Bird is holding a half off sale before closing forever. So today is also the day to search for the cash lying useless in your lover’s favourite jeans. Otherwise you’ll miss out on Girl Anachronism, one of the best hairdos on the grid.

Credits to creators
kimono: Nonko Romankan, Tokyo Modernist (Help Japan donation item)
makeup: La Malvada Mujer, Peonia (Help Japan donation item)
skin: Mons, Bella Skin series momsen eyeshadow TDRBlue
hair: Tiny Bird, Girl Anachronism Natural Red
bangles: Mandala, Takara Bangle metal white
parasol: Nakamura, old Tea Hunt item


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